As an employer, you’re always looking to hire top talent. However, you may be losing the best candidates to your competitors. Follow these guidelines to attract top talent to your organization.

Keep Your Mission, Brand and Culture Aligned

Make sure your company’s mission, culture and brand remain aligned. Your mission describes your overall goal and steps you take to attain it. Your brand shows the quality you provide through your products or services. Your culture communicates your mission and brand. Therefore, by keeping those three areas aligned, you provide compelling reasons for candidates to work for your company.

Engage With Candidates

Engaging with top candidates encourages them to work for you. Start conversations through phone calls, emails or social media. Get to know exactly what each candidate is looking for, then match their expectations to what you have to offer. Provide a tour of your facilities, pointing out specific areas that may appeal to each candidate. Introduce each candidate to potential co-workers, supervisors and executives so they can ask questions and get to know each other. Point out ways your company can facilitate each candidate’s career growth through promotions. Providing a more personal approach to hiring encourages interest in working for you.

Offer Competitive Salary, Benefits and Perks

Offering competitive salary, benefits and perks encourages top talent to work for you. Research what the average salary range is for a position and what your competitors are paying. Offer an amount just past the median, a little closer to the high end of the scale. Remain open to negotiations while maintaining a salary cap. Follow the same process for negotiating a benefits package. You’ll probably want to offer a retirement plan, health insurance and paid time off. Make sure the value of the benefits complements the amount of salary extended while staying within your budget. Use a similar process for negotiating perks. Top candidates may request a signing bonus, the ability to work remotely or reimbursement for expenses related to personal and professional development. Ensure you remain flexible in negotiating so both the candidate and you feel comfortable with the agreement you reach.

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