Most people and companies are actively promoting themselves on social media. However, the overwhelming amount of information that’s available may make finding the right accounting job challenging. Follow these guidelines for using social media to benefit your job search.


Social media helps you network with people in the accounting industry worldwide. For example, you may like business pages on Facebook and view posts about job openings. Be sure you keep your Facebook profile updated with your education and work history. Allow public access to your information so potential employers can learn more about you. Also, LinkedIn lets you connect with others working in accounting so you gain career advice and greater opportunities in the industry. You may also join professional accounting groups and discussions about the industry to showcase your knowledge and skills. In addition, you may follow people and companies in the accounting industry on Twitter to stay updated with job openings and take part in discussions involving accounting.

Post Your Resume

Posting your resume on social media shows employers what skills and experience you have and what type of job you’re seeking. For example, you may post your resume on your Pinterest boards and enhance your resume with infographics, visual presentations, screenshots and artwork. You may post your resume on LinkedIn and upload a document or visual media, add links to your connections, share your thoughts with a video or slideshow or upload presentations you completed throughout your career. Adding additional touches helps bring your resume to life so potential employers may get to know you better.

Search for Jobs

Searching for jobs on social media increases your access to opportunities. For example, Twitter lets you search using keywords “jobs,” “hiring,” or the exact job title you want. You can tweet often so people know you’re searching for a position and will keep you in mind when an accounting role opens up. In addition, you can follow people or companies in the accounting profession so you stay updated on job openings. Furthermore, you can use Facebook to stay current with companies you may want to work for so you know when positions open up. In addition, Twitter lets you use hashtags such as #jobpostings, #employment or #careers to let employers know you’re looking for new opportunities.

Are you looking for a new accounting job?

These are three ways you can use social media to benefit your job search. When you’re ready to secure your next accounting role, contact the experts at Mercer Bradley!

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