When preparing for an interview, you’re most likely focused on impressing the interviewer with your job-based knowledge, skills and experience. However, you should also be thinking about ways the interviewer should impress you with what it’s really like working for the company. Here are a few things you should be looking for during your next interview.

  • Employee Engagement

How the company engages and supports employees helps determine how hard they work and how long they remain with the organization. You want a company that provides opportunities for ongoing professional growth and support. This shows the organization values its workers by investing in their future.

Ask your interviewer what makes them proud to work at the company. Find out ways the organization promotes career growth. Inquire about whether employees are encouraged to take risks, and what happens when they fail. If the answers satisfy your needs, you should have a good culture fit.

  • Handling Conflict

Conflict can be healthy when employees share their ideas and beliefs while working together to resolve issues. When everyone is comfortable contributing, they feel like valued team members who help the company innovate and progress. Top employees embrace real-time feedback so they can improve operations and resolve problems as they occur.

Find out from your interviewer some causes of conflict within the company and ways the conflicts were resolved. Ask how decisions are made for high-stakes problems. Uncover how and when workers give and receive feedback. If you like what you hear, you have found a good culture fit.

  • Work Environment

You’ll want to determine the overall feel of the company on a daily basis. Make sure you see evidence of recognizing employee achievements, celebrating the organization’s successes and giving back to the local community. Also, find out how much flexibility you have with your work hours and whether you can work remotely. In addition, make sure employees have fun and feel valued at work.

Ask your interviewer how the company recognizes success. Inquire about the business having a matching gifts program for employees’ favorite nonprofit organizations. Find out how flexible the work arrangements are.

Are you looking for a new job?

These are just a few areas to ask about during your next interview. When you’re looking to secure a new accounting position, get in touch with the seasoned experts at Mercer Bradley today! You can also check out our jobs!

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