When interviewing your next accounting candidate, it’s important you look for someone with the core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that make up your organization. Find out how you can hire a candidate who matches your company culture and why it’s so important.

1. Define Core Culture

Determine what your core culture is based on your company’s purpose, philosophy, and priorities. These shared values and beliefs will help form the foundation for your company.

Start by identifying why your work is important and what contribution you make to society. By demonstrating a meaningful purpose, you give your employees a meaningful connection to their work and make a difference in their lives. You can use your purpose to guide employees’ actions and ensure they’re compliant with your culture.

Next, define your philosophy as to how your employees do their work. This may be based on an individual value or group of values that represent the core of your company’s character and set you apart from other organizations. Your philosophy will serve as a guide for how your staff make decisions and take action throughout your organization.

Finally, figure out your top priorities in demonstrating your purpose and philosophy. These key values are what your leaders and you will focus on while achieving company goals.

2. Screen for Culture Fit

To bring aboard the right fit, each step of your hiring process needs to be in line with your company culture. Make sure your recruitment materials and practices match your culture. Continuously talk about company culture on your website and social media as part of your brand, especially when advertising open roles. Also, ensure your employees model company culture in every interaction with job candidates, coworkers, and customers.

By continuously modeling company culture, job candidates know what they can expect if they work for your organization. This helps them decide whether they may fit in well with your company. Because employees whose values and beliefs match those of your organization will feel more emotionally connected to their work, be more productive, and remain loyal to your organization longer, ensuring company culture is modeled at all times is in your best interest.

Ask candidates questions such as what causes matter most to them, what issues they’re drawn to, and why they want to work in your particular industry. You’ll be better able to determine whether a candidate may find your open role meaningful and fit in well with your culture.

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