Although your accounting education and certifications are important when securing a job, it’s also important you demonstrate various hard and soft skills as well. Here are six types of skills you must have when interviewing for your next accounting position.


You must be able to explain in a clear and concise manner how you arrived at the numbers. This is especially important when speaking with coworkers in different departments who may not understand accounting principles as well as you do.


As you build on your skills and experience within the organization, you’ll be able to take on more challenging responsibilities that involve working with more team members. Be sure you demonstrate your ability to work independently and with teams, easily adapt to change, and embrace ongoing personal and professional development. Share your insights into accounting topics, ideas that may help the company grow, and how you can motivate others to stay engaged in their work and complete individual and group tasks on time.

Technical Understanding

Ensure you’re proficient in the latest accounting-specific software programs, database applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs and cloud computing. You’ll be expected to keep the company’s finances in order by using one or more of these methods as well as other technology.

Customer Service Orientation

As an accountant, you’ll probably be expected to bring in and retain clients and/or cater to your internal customers’ needs.

Business Savvy

Because you’ll most likely help plan corporate strategy at some point, you need business savvy. Helping make key decisions that affect multiple departments may be a large part of your job responsibilities. Therefore, you need to see the big picture and understand how your input impacts the rest of the organization.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are necessary in accounting. Be sure you’re able to plan and organize, multitask, analyze and solve problems, and work with minimal supervision and under deadlines. You’ll also need to be detail oriented, accurate and discrete while keeping company information confidential.

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