Faqs For Temporary Employees

What to expect when you join the Mercer Bradley team of elite temporary employees:

Who is my employer?
Mercer Bradley.
How will I know where to go and how to submit my hours?
Once you accept an assignment, you will receive an onboarding package. This will include tax forms, direct deposit forms, and an employment contract as well as instructions on how to utilize our online timesheet program, SpringAhead.
How will I get paid?
Weekly, via EFT to the bank account you provide us.
What do I do if I am late/sick?
Call and email your Talent Management Consultant! We are your point of contact for anything related to your temporary assignment with our client. You can also let your supervisor know to ensure they receive the information on a timely basis.
Will I be considered for other opportunities while being on a temporary assignment?
Yes! If permanent employment is your end goal, we will not stop looking for you even while you are on a temporary assignment. You will always be considered for suitable opportunities.
What should I do if I have another job interview?
Let your Talent Management Consultant know right away. We will notify your supervisor on your behalf. We will also work through the process with you to ensure that you keep your options open and are able to make an informed decision should you receive a job offer.
What should I do if I think I am going to get another job offer?
Call your Talent Management Consultant right away. We can work with you on a solution that allows you to transition quickly and seamlessly while ensuring that our client’s needs are met.
What do I do if I receive an offer directly from my temporary employer?
First of all, great news – Congratulations! Secondly, call Talent Management Consultant to work with you through the offer and acceptance stages. We will work directly with you and our client to ensure a seamless process
What can I expect as future communication while I am on an assignment through Mercer Bradley?
We check in regularly to ensure that you are happy with your assignment, have no concerns and are getting the training and support you need. If you need us in between – we are only a call away!
What should I do if I have any other questions or concerns?
Call your Talent Management Consultant! That is what we are here for – to assist you with your temporary role and ongoing career search!
How can I learn about career opportunities that Mercer Bradley has?

Sign up for our job board HERE
You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram!

What if I am new to Canada and have questions about my first job here?

Participate in CPA Canada’s free webinar – A Guide to Accounting and Business Culture – Click Here For the Seminar

Do I need a resume?

If you don’t have a resume available right now, that’s OK. We don’t need it to have a conversation with you. Send an email to wpgaccounting@mercerbradley.com.

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