FAQs For Permanent Candidates

What to expect when you join the Mercer Bradley team of elite candidates:

If I accept a role through Mercer Bradley who is my employer?
On a permanent role, you will always be the employee of the organization we introduce you to. At Mercer Bradley, we facilitate the introduction and help you along the way of obtaining employment!
What can I expect following my meeting with a Talent Management Consultant?
Your Talent Management Consultant will create a strategic plan following your meeting to help you find employment that aligns with your expectations and goals. He/she will present all suitable opportunities to you and give you the opportunity to decide if the role is something you would like to pursue or not. Following that, he/she will walk you through the entire process up to and including a potential offer of employment, acceptance and giving your notice. We will also periodically check in with you post acceptance to ensure your transition is going as planned.
How often should I stay in touch with my Talent Management Consultant?
You can stay in touch with your Talent Management Consultant as often as you feel comfortable. However, rest assured that if you have not heard from him/her that doesn’t mean that he/she has not forgotten about you! Touching base periodically by phone or email is always welcomed.
What should I do if I see an opportunity online that interests me?
If you come across an opportunity that is of interest to you, we encourage you to let your Talent Management Consultant know before applying for it. Perhaps that is a client of ours and we can facilitate an introduction between the two of you, rather than submitting your resume through an online portal. Alternatively, we may be able to provide some additional insight that doesn’t always come through in a job posting. Either way – we are here to help and strategize!
Can I interview on my own while working with a Talent Management Consultant?
Absolutely! We recognize that you are actively looking for employment and we will never stand in your way of obtaining your dream job. Please let us know when and where you are interviewing so that we can manage our efforts to give you the greatest exposure in our market. We can also provide interview tips and guidance if you would like it.
What do I do if I get another job?
If you obtain employment – congratulations! Please let your Talent Management Consultant know right away so that we can redeploy our resources. Ultimately, however you find your dream job, we are happy for you and look forward to working with you in the next stage of your career.
How do I give my notice?
After you have signed your offer of employment with one of our clients, your Talent Management Consultant will send you a detailed email with a link to help you draft your letter of resignation, as well as, a document walking you through the counter-offer process so that you are as prepared as possible for that conversation!
How can I learn about career opportunities that Mercer Bradley has?

Sign up for our job board HERE
You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram!

What if I am new to Canada and have questions about my first job here?

Participate in CPA Canada’s free webinar – A Guide to Accounting and Business Culture – Click Here For the Seminar

What do I do if I know of someone who could utilize the services of Mercer Bradley too?
Please feel free to pass along our contact information to anyone you know of with an Accounting background that could benefit from the service of a Talent Management Consultant! If we place one of your referrals, you will receive a special thank you referral bonus!
Do I need a resume?

If you don’t have a resume available right now, that’s OK. We don’t need it to have a conversation with you. Send an email to wpgaccounting@mercerbradley.com.

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