Benefits of Being Willing to Accept a New Job Mercer Bradley


Deciding to move to a new accounting and finance job can help with your career advancement. With the significant number of companies hiring, now is a good time to start your job search. The potential for increased income and new skills can help you reach your professional goals.

Discover three reasons to change to a new accounting and finance job today.

Increased Income

Your new job should come with a higher salary than your current one. Because an annual raise typically is a percentage of your current salary, there is a limit to how high your manager can increase your earnings. However, when you switch jobs, you can ask for a greater salary than where you are at now. The additional value you can bring to your new employer should serve as a basis for your increased income.

New Skills

The hard and soft skills you develop from changing jobs can be valuable to your career growth. For instance, you need to learn new business structures, systems, and routines. You also have to follow new policies and handle new projects as you develop relationships with new coworkers. Plus, these professionals can help enhance your skill set, introduce you to other members of their network, and set you up with future opportunities for career growth.

Career Progression

Changing jobs lets you control the direction your career goes in. This is especially important if your current role does not make the most of your strengths, align with your interests, or allow for the lifestyle you want. It also matters if the company culture does not match your personality or there is no more room for advancement. Moving to a new job lets you better fill your needs and be challenged. It shows you are willing to learn new things and want to move forward. You pay more attention to your online presence, overall visibility, and networking to find new opportunities. This makes you highly marketable to employers.

One Candidate’s Experience

When job seeker Amanda T. was looking for a new accounting and finance role in Winnipeg, she talked in detail about her needs and interests with recruiter Angela at Mercer Bradley. Amanda was thrilled with her results after moving to her new position. She shared the following:

“My new role is the perfect match for me. I would absolutely recommend Mercer Bradley to friends, family and colleagues. I had such a great experience and truly felt valued. I know that I can always reach out in the future if I need job advice as well. Angela made me feel so comfortable and confident in my job search. She made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. I’m so thankful for all her help!”
Amanda T, Permanent Candidate, Retail Company

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