A temp role is a short- or long-term job that is not permanent employment. Companies may bring aboard temps to fill in during planned employee absences, provide seasonal assistance, help with specific projects or take over when a staff member suddenly leaves. Because temp roles provide a multitude of benefits, you should consider taking one to advance your accounting career. Here are six reasons why.

How is a Temp Job Good For My Career?

1. Hidden Opportunities

A temp accounting position provides access to jobs that aren’t widely known. Because many top companies turn to staffing or recruiting firms to fill vacancies, a small number of people know about those openings. This means less competition when interviewing and greater odds of being offered a role. Once you establish a reputation of success with a staffing firm, your services will be in even greater demand.

2. Coaching

As a temp accountant, you gain coaching through the entire recruitment process. Most staffing firms provide guidance on fine-tuning your resume, interviewing, training, performance feedback and career counseling to increase your odds of being offered a job. Remain open and honest with your recruiter about your needs and interests to make the most of your experience. Ask questions when you’re unsure of something.

3. Flexible Schedule

A temp accounting role is ideal if you don’t want or can’t find full-time employment. You can take assignments that fit your schedule and still have time to take care of family, spend time with friends and pursue other interests.

4. Additional Skills

Working in temp accounting roles helps you gain valuable skills. You may maintain balance sheets, administer payroll or create cash flow and sales reports. You might analyze financial information to determine and maintain a company’s liability, profits and losses, records of assets or tax liability. You could develop and implement methods for verifying, analyzing, gathering and reporting various types of financial information, schedule expenditures or prepare and maintain annual budgets.

5. Networking

Working as a temp accountant increases your network. Connecting with colleagues, managers, HR and executives provides increased access to future opportunities. Letting them know whether you’re interested in future assignments or full-time employment opens up opportunities for career growth. Even if that employer isn’t hiring, someone may put you in touch with one who is.

6. Potential Full-Time Employment

If you’re looking for full-time accounting work, you may be able to find it by starting as a temp. Depending on your background and expertise, you could be hired for a set time to determine whether your knowledge, skills, experience and culture fit are what the employer is looking for. Likewise, you can see whether you enjoy fulfilling the job responsibilities and working with the team before taking a permanent role.

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