When working as a contract accounting consultant, your reputation is your livelihood. Clients hire contractors because someone attests to their skills and abilities. As a result, you get much more work when they choose you because of your reputation. Here are five ways to build a great reputation as a contract accounting consultant.

5 Ways To Build up a Great Reputation as an Accounting Consultant

1. Excel in One Area

Focus on one accounting area you excel in. You will perform your best and gain a strong following. This is especially important if your specialty is in-demand and few others can perform your work. Focusing on one area in an industry can make you a go-to consultant.

2. Focus on the Big Picture

Think about the bigger goal of what you are trying to accomplish for each client. For instance, although you may be asked to find cost savings in a supply chain, you first should consider why that is important to the company. Profits may be declining, or the competition may be lowering prices and forcing your client to compete. Thinking about the bigger picture lets you develop greater insights and solutions. Spend time considering your task, taking action, interpreting the numbers, and filling your client’s request.

3. Be Resourceful

Because you may have to solve problems that are new to you or the industry, you need to be resourceful. Develop the ability to efficiently and effectively solve problems. Ask your team and manager for help when needed, then your peers and internal experts, then external resources. Most likely, someone has done what you are trying to accomplish and can help you find the answer or think about how to tackle the issue. Be creative. Show that you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve desirable results.

4. Ask Appropriate Questions

Uncover the information you need by asking questions. Ensure you understand what you are being asked to do and the issues your client is facing. Requesting clarification is better than doing something incorrectly. If you have multiple questions, ask them in a structured request rather than multiple approaches to your manger or client. Ask your peers or Google simple questions about acronyms, Excel formulas or other issues. Restate what you were told to make sure you are on the same page as your client to build confidence with your manager and client.

5. Follow Through

Do exactly what you said you would do in a timely manner. Perform tasks with little oversight. Consistently deliver quality work. Maintain rigorous ethical standards. You will build trust and credibility with your team and clients.

Build Your Reputation as a Contract Accounting Consultant

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