Ghosting can occur with employers when interviewing on your own. You may complete several interviews and/or finish sample tasks, receive some responses to your calls or emails, then not receive any follow up at all. Before completely giving up on being offered a job, use these strategies.

 How To NOT get Ghosted By A Company You Interviewed With

1. Connect with the Interviewer

Form a true connection during your interview. For instance, use LinkedIn, Google, employee connections, or other methods to find out all you can about the interviewer. Use that information to break the ice when you meet them. They may have a favorite hobby, enjoy a regular running path, or favor a specific vacation spot that you can discuss. Be sure you bring up any common interests you share to get them on your side right away. Also, ask the interviewer what they like best about both the company and their role. Ask additional questions to gain more information about their answer. Additionally, ask whether the interviewer has any concerns about moving to the next step in the recruiting process. Perhaps you did not clearly explain a story, or the interviewer does not think you are qualified in a specific area. Addressing concerns now can clear up doubts and increase the odds of being offered the role. Additionally, ask when you might hear back about the next step and who your contact person is. Be sure you get their name, phone number, and email address to follow up.

 2. Follow Up

In addition to sending a thank-you card, follow up with the interviewer in other ways. For instance, if you are waiting for them to confirm an additional meeting, send a confirmation as a calendar invite. Many people forget about commitments if they are not on their calendar. Also, provide updates on your job search that may encourage the interviewer to reconsider you. You may share your portfolio, new projects, job offers, or related information to continue communication and show how you add value to an organization. Further, call the interviewer once each week to see where they are in the decision process. They may be busy and not have had time to get back to you.

3. Work with Mercer Bradley

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