When searching for your next accounting position in Canada, partner with a recruiter who specializes in the industry. You may be able to secure a role in less time and earn greater salary and benefits than you would working on your own.

The Benefits of Working With An Accounting Recruiter 

Gain Access to the Hidden Job Market

When working with an accounting recruiter, you gain access to the hidden job market. Because the majority of openings go unadvertised, few candidates learn about them. By working with a recruiter who is informed about many of these openings, you face less competition when interviewing and increase your chances of securing the role. You may even be able to meet with a hiring manager who is not actively looking for a candidate but can greatly benefit from your skill set and experience level.

Stay Current on What Employers Want

Since an accounting recruiter is involved in the job-search process every day, they know what is going on in the market. Because you may be changing jobs every two or three years based on your career goals, you need to know what is going on in the accounting job market. Because the need for specific skills and experience may not be the same as it was in the past, your job search is going to be different every time. An accounting recruiter helps you navigate the market changes and clarify what to expect so you are equipped with a plan of action.

Receive Feedback

If you are not chosen for a role, you may be able to receive feedback regarding why. Being armed with such information can help improve your job search. Because an accounting recruiter often works with the same clients and hiring managers over time, the recruiter gets to know them personally. The recruiter understands what the manager likes and how they like it, what they will hire and what they will not. The recruiter also understands the job that needs filling, what the manager’s personality is, and what they like and dislike. Such information is shared with candidates to improve their chances of securing an interview and being offered a job that leads to years of employment.

Why Work with an ACSESS Member?

As a member of the Association of Canadian Search Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS), Mercer Bradley is committed to upholding the organization’s Code of Ethics and Standards. We keep the best interests of our candidates in mind throughout our placement practices. Mercer Bradley adheres to the highest principles of integrity, professionalism and fair practice and respects the confidentiality of records according to both the law and good practices. We provide candidates with complete and accurate information provided by the client, including job descriptions, workplace conditions and terms of employment. Mercer Bradley treats all candidates without prejudice and does not accept client orders that discriminate in any way. We earn income only from clients and do not charge candidates for our services.

Why Partner with Mercer Bradley?

Partner with Mercer Bradley to find your next accounting job in Canada!

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