Employee engagement means your workers enjoy what they do while they do it. Engaged team members feel greater job satisfaction, create a positive work environment, and remain loyal to your company longer. Therefore, encouraging your team to remain engaged in their work can increase both performance and your bottom line.

Motivation Tips For Team Leaders

Tip #1: Connect with Each Team Member

Form a personal connection with each team member. Ask about their family, friends and hobbies. Find out what your employees like to do in their downtime. Show support when they go through personal challenges. Provide as much flexibility as possible, including working remotely, so an employee can handle an adverse situation while maintaining their work output. Your team will know they are respected and valued members of your organization and will perform accordingly.

 Tip #2: Provide Clear Direction

Give your team clear direction when assigning projects. Ensure each team member understands what the goal of the project is, what their role is, and what tasks they are responsible for. Provide a timeline for when steps should be completed and access to the resources needed to succeed. Answer questions and let your employees get started. Remind your team to find answers on their own before coming to you for assistance.

 Encouraging both independent and collaborative work drives innovation and moves your business forward.  < Tweet This! >

Tip #3: Let Your Team Make Decisions

Allow your teammates to make decisions. Empower them to discuss their ideas, take ownership of processes and tasks, and overcome obstacles. Encourage your team to solve problems, learn from their mistakes, and discover ways to improve their performance. Help them see what impact their decisions have on both the company and their career progression.

 Your teammates will become emotionally invested in your company’s mission and values and develop a sense of ownership, causing them to work harder to be more successful.  < Tweet This! >

Tip #4: Recognize Employee Contributions

Privately and publicly recognize employee contributions. Point out specific examples of how a team member completed their part of a project on time, helped a colleague, or asked to take on additional responsibilities. Mention times when your team achieved desired outcomes before a deadline, reached a company goal, or significantly increased the bottom line. Reward hard work with bonuses, raises, and promotions. Treat your employees as the assets they are.

Tip #5: Measure Employee Performance

Let your team know their performance is being measured. When you measure something, you can manage and improve it. Make it clear what criteria will be measured and how your employees can reach set standards. Key performance outcomes may include customer ratings, profitability, productivity or other performance issues. Your teammates will do their best to receive the desired ratings.

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