Much accounting work in Canada is being offered on a contract basis. Because the projects you’re hired for last a set amount of time, typically three to 18 months, you’re able to take on multiple clients over the course of a year. Whether securing work on your own or through Mercer Bradley, there are many benefits to contracting as an accountant.

Some of the Benefits

#1: Diversify Your Expertise Working as a contractor helps you diversify your expertise.

#2: Because you have a choice of which clients you take on, you can work on multiple projects in different industries and help build your skill set.

#3: You gain more experience in various accounting fields, you easily assimilate into new companies and become a more in-demand worker.

#4: If you find a client you really connect with, you may be offered full-time employment.

#5: The more skills and experience you cultivate, the greater security you have.

#6: Plus, if you take on a project and decide the work isn’t for you, you can finish out your contract and move on to something different.

Bonus Benefit: Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Being hired as a contractor helps improve your work-life balance. Because you can control the roles you take on, it is easier to manage the demands on your time and complexity of the work. In addition, you can network and market yourself every time you go out to run errands, meet someone for lunch or fulfill other responsibilities. Plus, you can plan vacations and days off according to when your contracts end or simply work ahead so you can take time off.

Reach Out to Mercer Bradley

For help finding contract work in the Canadian accounting industry, reach out to Mercer Bradley or search for a job!


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