Meet Roland Hanzek, Practice Leader, Vancouver

Roland Hanzek is a Practice Leader for Mercer Bradley in Vancouver. He started working with us after a career as a Business Partner with Rogers Communications and leader of a sales & marketing team in commercial automotive. Roland was looking for a business opportunity that was both rewarding and fulfilling. He had previously worked with recruiters and saw a great business opportunity with Mercer Bradley that aligned with his morals, values, background and experience. After meeting with Clifton Kanto, our founder, Roland was impressed with our company’s approach, structure and professionalism.

Roland’s Rewarding Work

Roland says the best part of recruiting for Mercer Bradley is the satisfaction he feels when placing a candidate in their dream position. He believes that working with individuals when they’re most vulnerable is both challenging and humbling. Roland states that being in a position to support and guide individuals toward success feels highly rewarding. He especially enjoys placing candidates with nonprofit organizations whose roles are critical to the ongoing contribution and success of the organizations. For example, Roland has placed CFOs at the Rick Hansen Foundation, Variety: A Children’s Charity and Saint John Ambulance. Roland is also active in his community with both North Vancouver Minor Hockey and North Shore Baseball as coach to his teenage son. He finds volunteering is a great way to give back as well as grow his network within his community. He applies his natural coaching skills when working with candidates and clients!

Why Roland Loves Mercer Bradley

Roland states that the best part of being at Mercer Bradley is working with like-minded entrepreneurs who have a common goal, possess the highest levels of integrity, and are empowered to make challenging decisions in the best interest of our clients, candidates and our business. Because clients know that Mercer Bradley delivers ideal candidates with the skill sets needed to move their company forward, Roland has helped clients fulfill the most crucial roles in their organizations. For example, several clients have had positions suddenly open up that required immediate filling with highly qualified candidates. Roland is proud to say he has been able to deliver on time, every time.

How Do You Connect?

You can benefit from working with Mercer Bradley as well. We’re experts at connecting client companies with highly qualified candidates. If you’re looking for a new accounting job in Western Canada, contact Mercer Bradley!


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