This week the nation is once again celebrating “Staffing for Canada” week. Each year Canada recognized the contributions the staffing industry makes to the economy. It’s a timely reminder of the part staffing professionals play in keeping Canadians employed and businesses productive and profitable.

Staffing for Canada Week first came about in Edmonton in 1980. It was originally called “National Temporaries’ Week” and has grown to be a recognized celebration of the contribution temporary employees make to the economies of Canada and the United States. The temporary labour force has grown substantially since then, making a significant impact in a variety of industries.

Mercer Bradley will be recognizing the talents of our extraordinary candidates with special acknowledgments and by doubling the prize for Exceptional Experience contest held by ACSESS Canada. We understand that it is the commitment and talent of this group of individuals that contribute significantly not only our success but that of our valued clients.

ACSESS Champion Program

The ACSESS Champion program solicits inspiring stories of success from our over 1,000 members in the Canadian staffing industry. Winners are chosen from those submissions. Every year our members change lives by opening doors for Canadians looking for employment to help them reach their goals, support their families and build an exciting future. These individual stories offer insights into what it’s really like to work as a temporary employee in Canada.

One of this year’s winners, Rashidul Islam, is employed through Mercer Bradley. Rashidul emigrated to Winnipeg, Canada from Dubai, hoping to land an accounting job. This proved to be a frustrating venture for Rashidul who managed to patch together a living taking on any work he could find, including working in a hotel and warehouse, then driving a taxi. It wasn’t the career he had in mind when he left his native country. He decided to enroll in a Chartered Professional Accountant program (CPA) program (which he couldn’t afford!) and he knew he had to find an accounting position fast.

While searching for jobs, he found a three-month contract position through Mercer Bradley as a financial support officer. Rashidul enjoyed working on a temporary contract basis because it took the risk out of accepting a job. He had the chance to get to know the company and confirm that its culture and the job were a perfect fit. He was thrilled when the employer offered him a job after the contract ended.

About Staffing for Canada Week

The week-long celebration acknowledges the 400,000+ Canadians who are employed through the staffing profession. With more than 1,300 member offices across Canada, ACSESS members represent 85 percent of the total volume of business in the staffing services industry in Canada. Member firms are involved in every staffing niche from temporary and contract staffing to direct hire and professional search.

ACSESS is the single voice for promoting best practices and ethical standards for the recruitment, employment and staffing services industry in Canada. Its members provide a key service to businesses and offer a broad range of career coaching, planning and employment opportunities to their clients. Mercer Bradley is a proud member and volunteer Nationally and Provincially. For more information visit:

About Mercer Bradley

Mercer Bradley was founded in 2007 by Clifton Kanto, CPA, CMA, CPC, CBB. We have offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg and focus on matching accounting professionals with the employers who need and appreciate them. Contact Mercer Bradley to learn more.

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